LaHayeSIK™: The Advantages

At LaHaye Total Eye Care, we never stop pursuing perfect vision. That’s why we spent years developing – and getting FDA clearance – on our next-generation laser vision correction procedure called LAHayeSIK™. This revolutionary approach to LAHayeSIK™ was undertaken by leading refractive surgeon Leon C. LaHaye, MD with a single goal in mind: enhance the overall safety, precision and accuracy of the traditional PRK and LASIK procedures while improving outcome and reducing the need for enhancement or retreatment.

When compared at every level to traditional PRK and LASIK, LAHayeSIK™ is safer and quicker, has more predictable outcomes, reduces complications and significantly reduces the need to perform secondary re-treatments. It accomplishes this by performing the entire procedure in a more controlled, sterile and safer surgical environment than traditional LASIK, which includes NONE of the 10 specialized tasks (see below) utilized by Dr. LaHaye in his LAHayeSIK™ procedure.


What is LaHayeSIK™?

The LAHayeSIK method is a revolutionary technology that improves the safety and precision of LASIK eye surgery. Its key features and benefits include:

    • Uses a single, versatile instrument during the second stage of LASIK, minimizing risk of contamination
    • Isolates and contains the surgical field, preventing infectious and non-infectious contaminants from entering
    • Controls eye movement, shifting responsibility from patient to surgeon
    • Blocks and stops corneal bleeding with chilled wash and ciliary tamponade
    • Protects corneal flap from fluid buildup and excess hydration
    • Manages hydration by evaporating moisture that could block the laser beam
    • Removes surgical smoke plumes through seven ports in the handpiece
    • Provides controlled irrigation to rinse and hydrate cornea without backwash
    • Instantly aspirates debris and contaminants created during surgery
    • Allows precise, clean closure and alignment of the corneal flap with a hinged device
    • Promotes rapid flap adhesion within 15 seconds, eliminating need for sponges

The LAHayeSIK method, invented by Dr. Leon C. LaHaye, has resulted in shorter procedure times, reduced need for secondary procedures, zero infections, and fewer side effects and complications compared to traditional LASIK.

Understanding the LaHayeSIK Procedure

Cleaner LASIK is Possible with LAHayeSIK™

One of the original research papers discussing ways to make LASIK eye surgery cleaner and reduce complications found that:

LASIK surgery has two stages – creating the corneal flap (stage I) and reflecting the flap to reshape the cornea with the excimer laser (stage II). Stage II is more complex and prone to complications.

During stage II, the exposed corneal tissue can absorb contaminants from surgical tools, fluid pooling, the eyelids/lashes, plume from the laser, etc. This can lead to infections and poor outcomes.

There are 9 important surgical functions in stage II that need to be optimized:

  • Containing the surgical field
  • Fixating the eye
  • Corneal flap management
  • Removing surface fluid
  • Plume evacuation
  • Irrigation
  • Aspiration
  • Flap repositioning/realignment
  • Flap adherence

The LAHayeSIK System was developed to address these issues. In a study of 431 eyes, it reduced the retreatment rate to 0.7% compared to 8-23% for traditional LASIK.

The system uses a multifunctional tool to isolate the surgical field, precisely control each step, minimize use of extra tools, enable backwash-free irrigation/aspiration, and facilitate rapid flap realignment and adhesion.

By refining stage II LASIK techniques and tools as demonstrated by the LAHayeSIK System, we can substantially reduce complications and retreatments compared to standard LASIK methods.


Fewer Retreatments with LAHayeSIK™

Dr. Leon LaHaye created the LAHayeSIK Surgical System to make LASIK safer and more predictable. This system fixes some common problems with regular LASIK, like the eye getting contaminated, uneven moisture on the cornea, too much poking and prodding, and issues with the corneal flap.

LAHayeSIK aims to provide cleaner, more reliable results.

In a study of 431 eyes treated with the LAHayeSIK system, less than 1% needed a second surgery. This is a big improvement compared to regular LASIK, where 8-23% of patients need another surgery.

These lower retreatment rates show that LAHayeSIK has the potential to make LASIK outcomes better and patients happier.


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Are you considering LASIK but concerned about potential complications? The revolutionary LAHayeSIK Surgical System, developed by Dr. Leon LaHaye, offers a cleaner, more precise approach to laser vision correction.

  • Less risk of your eye getting contaminated during the procedure
  • More even moisture on your cornea, leading to better laser results
  • Fewer tools and less poking and prodding during surgery
  • Better handling and positioning of the corneal flap
  • Much lower chance of needing a second surgery compared to regular LASIK

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