Sue Ellen Myers, O.D.

Sue Ellen Myers, O.D.Doctor of Optometry

A Purpose

“Nothing fulfills one’s sense of purpose more than being able to help people. I began early in my career working overseas in Kenya, Mexico, China, Guatemala, South Korea, and elsewhere. My family eventually moved to Nigeria to continue our  desire to be of service to others. My second child was even born there. It was not unusual to see people blinded from cataracts travel by foot miles to the clinic, then walk home being able to see that very same day. A difference was made in their lives. I’ll never forget that first time I got out of our Land Rover and walked to the village. There were hundreds of people from newborns to the very old who needed somebody to help. I felt humbled that God had enabled me to be a part of a team that could make a difference. Not just physical needs were met: the door was opened to give them hope in the overall sense. Our role was not just eye care, but life care.”

A Passion

“It  is a privilege to be a part of the LaHaye Team. I have as much personal satisfaction now as I did working overseas. That’s because we have a team that is passionate. Passionate about giving our patients the very best ophthalmology care we can provide. As the leader of our team, Dr. LaHaye has a great passion for excellence in making sure all of our patients receive the eye care they deserve. He is always seeking to improve on what we do, and there is no stopping point. LaHaye Total Eye Care allows me everything I need to practice the highest level of optometry possible. I am proud of the many accomplishments of our team. It is a privilege to come to work everyday. You, our patients, make our day. We have the best patients here at LaHaye!”

And A Promise

“Our team has promised to work together to give you the very best eye care available. Ophthalmology is always changing with new technology and new treatments and we promise to keep ahead because our team will work together to help you “change the way you see the world.” We want to improve the quality of your life by enhancing your vision by providing you with the most advanced and successful treatments available in the world today. From treating  corneal ulcers to determining if you are a great candidate for LAHayeSIK™, to  screening your 6-month-old for retinoblastoma to treating your 90-year-old grandmother for macular degeneration, we are here for you. We strive to have a level of skill unparalleled  and a commitment to excellence in  our state-of-the-art facility. Purpose, passion, and a promise. That’s the LaHaye way.”

Continuing Education

  • Pre/post-surgical eye care
  • pharmacology
  • neuro-optometry
  • pediatrics
  • systemic/ocular disease
  • glaucoma
  • visual science and contact lens

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