The Team Approach

We want to welcome you to LaHaye Total Eye Care, where we have combined the latest advances in ophthalmology, technology and surgical techniques with unparalleled personalized service.  Whether you are here for primary eye care, “Instant Vision” cataract care, a visit to Lunettes de LaHaye optical, or to experience the LAHayeSIk laser correction procedure, our goal is to make your visit as friendly and individualized as possible.

Our state-of-the-art facility has been specially designed to accommodate the smallest child needing a pediatric ophthalmologist for glasses to the elderly patient needing cataract surgery.

LaHaye Total Eye Care provides eye care for the entire family…but in a unique way.  What makes us unique—and a step above other eye care providers—is that our physicians and technicians are educated and trained specifically for each specific stage of your eye care visit.  We base our overall model of eye care on three distinct phases.

The first stage of specialization is the “Diagnostic Phase,” where we simply identify your specific eye care need or problem you may be experiencing.  During the diagnostic phase, our team is specially trained to recommend the appropriate treatment to cure or control this condition.

The second stage of specialization we offer patients is the “Therapeutic Phase,” where we typically provide advanced medical regimes—or perform surgery when necessary—to help cure or control more severe eye care conditions and diseases.

The third and final stage of specialization is the “Rehabilitation Phase,” where your surgical recovery and/or progress from other modes of eye care is carefully monitored.
By dividing our model of eye care into three phases, we’re able to better utilize our physicians’ expertise, training, and experience for our patients’ benefit.  With over 160 years of combined ophthalmic experience, the level of expertise you will receive during your visit with us is unsurpassed.  Our medical ophthalmologists conduct over 20,000 patient visits each year, matching diagnoses and treatment with the most current therapies available.

Those patients needing surgery are administered by myself, Dr. LaHaye, personally allowing me to concentrate on this important phase of our model.  My team approach to eye care has been utilized by other leading surgeons, such as renowned Houston heart specialists Michael DeBakey, M. D. and Denton Cooley, M. D.  This approach maximizes the surgeons’ expertise through widening his experience with the number of surgeries performed.

We have taken our subspecialty training a step further through our technician training and education.  Our clinic personnel are on a continuous education program, training them in the use of the latest ophthalmic diagnostic equipment.  Surgical personnel are trained separately in the newest medical advances specifically related to eye care.  They work exclusively with me on a daily basis perfecting their surgical assistance expertise of the eye.

Our unique “Sub-Specialization Team Approach” provides patients with a personal experience that maximizes successful outcomes.  While we handle all ophthalmological conditions—we handle them individually by patient—by medical individuals who specialize in that area.  We like to believe this team approach from our warm and caring staff makes for excellence with love.


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