LaHayeSight Cataract Surgery Choices

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed operation in the world and is the most successful one at that! Some say it is the best value in Medicine!

The primary goal of cataract surgery is to improve one’s vision and quality of life through removal of the cloudy (cataractous) natural lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens.

Throughout the years, we have helped restore the vision of thousands of men and women through LaHayeSight Cataract Surgery. We have also helped countless others enjoy the freedom of little or no dependence on corrective eyewear with LAHayeSIK™ laser refractive surgery.

Recent advances in cataract surgery and refractive surgery now allow experienced surgeons to combine these two sub-specialties into Refractive Cataract Surgery.

The addition of refractive surgery and newer lens replacement technologies now gives nearly every cataract patient the choice of upgrading their cataract surgery to enhance their lifestyle by lessening their dependence on glasses.

While insurance reimbursed cataract surgery with standard intraocular lens implants (IOL) remain mostly rehabilitative, today’s cataract patients are increasingly seeking the additional advantages of Refractive Cataract Surgery.

LaHayeSight Cataract Surgery Choices

I. Premium Cataract Surgeries:

1. Laser-Enhanced Cataract Surgery with the Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL is the top choice for patients undergoing cataract surgery. This premium procedure provides one of the best opportunities to reduce dependency on spectacles.

The majority of patients will be able to experience reduced dependency having both uncorrected distant and intermediate vision improved. Many patients find they can read headlines, use a computer, cook, clean, drive, play golf, and watch movies without having to wear eye glasses. The need for spectacles for near vision and perhaps extended intermediate visual task are usually required.

2. Laser-Enhanced Cataract Surgery with the IQ Mono focal IOL is another great option for cataract patients. The majority of individuals choosing this premium procedure will enjoy lessened dependency on glasses for distant vision (or near vision, but not both). Driving and watching TV are examples of activities that most patients are able to do without full dependency on glasses. Generally, spectacles are needed for both near and intermediate visual task such as computer use, sewing, and reading. 

II. Advanced Cataract Surgery with Astigmatic Correction is an option for cataract patients interested in upgrading their cataract surgery to lessen astigmatism. Astigmatism is an irregularity in the eye’s ability to focus light along a single axis. By reducing astigmatism individuals benefit from reduction in halos and improvement in uncorrected vision.  Depending on visual needs some patients may experience reduced dependency on glasses for certain task as a result of this advanced cataract procedure over the standard cataract procedure.  In cases in which corrective eyewear is still needed, thinner lenses are typically effective.

III. Standard Cataract Surgery

This is the procedure of choice for patients not interested in reducing spectacle independence.  If the need to wear glasses all of the time is acceptable then this cataract operation is one’s best option. Glasses are prescribed around 4-6 weeks following the cataract operation.

Either you want to wear glasses or you desire some degree of freedom from glasses. The choice is yours!!

Call us today to find out about all of your cataract surgery options and how we can best help you!

Remember, realistic expectations and fully understanding the potential risks and complications are most important for every level of cataract operation considered.    

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