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Opelousas-officeWe handle all ophthalmological conditions and eye care needs in Lafayette & Opelousas, LA. It’s not just about your eyes. We’re here to give you total professional care, total choice, total peace of mind. With one of the most advanced ophthalmologic surgical centers in the country, a renowned staff of board-certified doctors and surgeons, and one of the largest selections of frames and lenses in Louisiana, we’re changing the way you look at eye care. We’re changing the way you look at yourself.

Because our patients always come first, we wanted our site to reflect our commitment to you, as well. That’s why we’ve filled it with actual photos of our patients. Take a minute to read and listen to what they have to say about LaHaye Total Eye Care in Lafayette & Opelousas, LA. Things are definitely looking up in Louisiana!

It’s no surprise that Dr. LaHaye has been making groundbreaking advancements in eye care for over ten years. Compelled by his own personal experiences with limited eyesight, he has aggressively strived to make good eye care a reality for everyone – especially in his native Louisiana.

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Inspiration & Passion

“I think what I love most about my work is that every day, something a little miraculous happens. Older people walk in blinded by cataracts and leave being able to see again. Younger people gain more confidence from corrective procedures that free them from glasses or contact lenses. I feel privileged to be a part of this.”

Leon-C.-LaHaye,-MDLeon C. LaHaye, MD