Leon C. LaHaye, M.D. – LAHayeSIK™ & Cataract Surgeon

Leon C. LaHaye, M.D.Doctor of Ophthalmology, Principal Eye Surgeon, Medical Director

Clear Memories

“I was severely nearsighted while growing up. It was just me and another kid sitting up front in class, straining to read the lesson. I’ll never forget the day I was finally fitted with glasses. It was the first time I could see the leaves on the trees. Green was never so green before.

“I wore contact lenses later in high school. This was especially important to me as an athlete. You feel less bound, less weighed down, less inhibited. I think being
able to identify with the limitations of less-than-perfect eyesight really helped spur me on toward my profession.”

A Clear Purpose:

“I learned early on in medical school what an incredible impact ophthalmology especially groundbreaking procedures has on people’s lives. That’s part of my motivation for developing technology like the “LAHayeSIK™,” which improves the accuracy and safety of refractive surgery. I really strive to improve in some way all the procedures I perform to increase my patients’ chances for perfect vision from cataract surgery to LASIK.

“I’ve seen gradual blindness destroy more than eyesight. It destroys people’s will to live. When you’re able to help restore that sight, you’d be amazed at the change in a person’s disposition. Take cataract surgery, for example. I honestly believe it makes people feel ten years younger at least! People are driving, fishing, cooking, doing all the things they had abandoned with failing eyesight.”

A Constant Inspiration

“I think what I love most about my work is that every day, something a little miraculous happens. Older people walk in blinded by cataracts and leave being able to see again. Younger people gain more confidence from corrective procedures that free them from glasses or contact lenses. I feel privileged to be a part of this.”

Special Recognition

  • Pioneered Free Conjunctival Graft Technique for Pterygium Surgery
  • Designed Special “Refractive” Intraocular Lens for Cataract Surgery
  • Co-Pioneered the Initial Development of the Laser Internal Sclerotomy Procedure for Glaucoma
  • First Surgeon in Louisiana to Perform Sutureless Cataract Surgery
  • First Surgeon in United States to Perform ALK (automated lamellar keratotomy)
  • Designed and Developed Custom Excimer Laser for LASIK
  • Designed and Developed Excimer Laser Failsafe System
  • Designed and Developed LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System and Method
  • Designed and Developed Multi Directional Surgical Instrument Cleaner

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