A Word From Dr. Leon LaHaye

The availability of LAHayeSIK™ has encouraged many who have been postponing refractive surgery to finally come in for an evaluation.  These patients tell us a similar story: “I’ve been waiting for this technology to get to the point where it seems safe. I am ready to have the procedure now.”

Having had vision correction surgery myself, I understand what it means to make such an important decision, and the quality of life benefits it can bring. This is why I have been driven to provide my patients with the safest, most advanced technology and care available.


LAHayeSIK™ Surgery Pricing

We have seen the confusion resulting from wide variations in surgical fees, and I understand many patients may not have the knowledge to make an informed decision about those various options. It is especially confusing when a procedure is “upsold” at the same practice, offering “different levels” of LASIK. We charge one price for “LAHayeSIK™”, because we believe in offering the safest, most advanced surgery for all patients. Instead of charging fees based on which technology is used, our single price reflects one simple consideration: what is best for the patient.

Our patients appreciate the unique LaHaye Team care they receive. Our team care concept maximizes the ophthalmologists’ areas of expertise—what I call “super sub-specialization”. This unique concept assures you of receiving the highest possible level of care. Because we separate clinical evaluation and management from surgical treatment, the advice given will be objective and balanced, whether your need is surgical or better corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

The old saying “Two heads are better than one” is in full effect at LaHaye Total Eye Care. Because your LaHaye Team ophthalmologists work in cooperation, not competition, you will receive comprehensive consideration—it’s like getting a second opinion for free. We look forward to the opportunity to change the way you see the world.


Leon C. LaHaye, M. D.

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