Fatima Qureshi, M.D. (Pakistan), O.D.

Fatima QureshiThe Journey

My desire to connect with people and to understand and treat disease processes sparked my interest in attending medical school. I completed medical school in Pakistan. My residency was in General Surgery and Internal Medicine. I enjoyed the immediate outcome of surgical cases.
After obtaining my M.D. in Pakistan, I desired to further my education and moved to the United States. Once I arrived in the United States, I had the opportunity to observe with a group of Ophthalmologists in Illinois. This experience prompted me to apply for an accelerated program for foreign medical students in Boston. I was accepted into the MD/OD program and obtained my second doctorate degree.
After practicing Medical Optometry in Arizona, I relocated to Louisiana where I would be able to have a broader scope of practice. Due to the training that I have received, I feel that I have an advantage of seeing the big picture and treating eye pathologies through the systemic disease approach.


My MOTTO in life is “passion with compassion”. I love treating diseases and performing procedures such as lasers and lesion removals. My passion lies in being accessible to my patients and making them feel comfortable and at ease when they come to see me. I like to keep a good balance between my professional and personal life. I believe in maintaining a connection with mind, body and soul.

Free Time

In my free time, I love to travel. Some of my favorite travel destinations have been Paris, Switzerland, Egypt and London to name a few. I also enjoy jogging, yoga, Pilates, kick boxing and hiking.

New England College of Optometry, Boston MA, Accelerated Doctor of Optometry Program,
Dow Medical College; Karachi, Pakistan Medical Doctor

Lahey Clinic Medical Center (Tufts Med. School), Boston
VA Admin. Hospital (Harvard Med School), Boston
Resident House Officer in General Medidne & General Surgery Civil Hospital Karachi, Pakistan

Optometric adv. surgical procedures, laser surgery (Northeastern State Univ., Tahlequah, OK), Laser & Aesthetic Skin Therapy, Harvard Medical School


American Optometry Assoc. Optometry Assoc. of LA & Acadiana Optometric Society

Award for Excellence in Vision Therapy by College of Optometrists in Vision Dev., Honors in Pediatric Optometry, Honors in Lahey Clinic Medical Center (Tuft’s Medical School) Civil Hospital Karachi Surgical Unit’s Certificate for Excellence in Residency.

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