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Lunettes de LaHaye Optical Eyewear

Optical Eyewear for Kids and Adults - Glasses and Contact Lenses

When it comes to glasses and contact lenses, we offer one of the most extensive selections of frames and lenses available in Louisiana. You’ll not only see better, you’ll look better.

We’ll even make you feel better if you’ve been labeled "hard-to-fit" for contact lenses.

Our supportive staff will show you how to fit them comfortably and easily. That’s the least we can do.

Here’s what else we can do:

  • Thorough "eye physicals" by oard-certified doctors

  • Contact lenses at wholesale prices

  • Athletic, industrial, computer, and children’s eyewear

  • Light-weight, high-fashion frames and lenses

  • Disposable, hard/gas-permeable, tinted contact lenses

  • Bifocals/no-line bifocals

  • De La Guarantee to match any price (same brand, same style)

  • Major insurance, credit cards, and Medicare accepted
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Designer Frames, Bifocals

Low Prices, High Quality Optical Eyewear

  • Contact lenses at wholesale prices
  • We'll match any price, same brand,same style
  • Insurance filed with you
  • Medicare accepted
  • All major credit cards accepted

Hundreds of Frames to Choose From

  • The lightest frames available
  • No-line bifocals, tinted and photosensitive lenses
  • Exclusive frames and lenses for kids

Our Customers' Feedback:

"I was what you call ‘hard-to-fit’ for contact lenses, but the LaHaye staff made it fast and easy. They took care of me. I’m from back East and I can say this is the best eye care center I’ve been to." - Brian Kerstetter

"I get my contacts wholesale right here, but their frame selection is outstanding! I couldn’t resist these sunglasses!" - Jennifer Riles

"I was never able to wear contacts before I came here. Now I’m a different person without my glasses. Just because I’m a grandmother doesn’t mean I have to look like one!
- Joan Stewart